What makes someone a great boss? Stories from ExchangeMyPhone

Jeremy and I have just hired our first full-time employee. It is a very exciting time for ExchangeMyPhone and a big moment for us to reflect on the types of bosses we want to be.

boss at ExchangeMyPhone

We have had two part-time employees at ExchangeMyPhone and lots of contractors for almost a year. They are all amazing, and we are pretty sure that they don’t hate us, but how can we be the best we can be?

Over my life I have had wonderful employers and not-so wonderful ones. I have worked in offices and newsrooms and restaurants, and the traits that have made someone inspire me to work for them (or not) have easily spanned all those industries.

Most of us have answered to a boss at someone point in our lives, so what one word would you use to describe your perfect employer?

I have been brainstorming and these are the best that I have come up with so far:

  1. Encouraging
  2. Clear
  3. Approachable
  4. Focused
  5. Organised
  6. Forward-thinking
  7. Receptive
  8. Motivating
  9. Capable
  10. Trustworthy

I’m still thinking and I would love your input.

In the meantime, I’m off to start cooking lunch because I definitely think that a good boss should make their team some yummy treats to keep them going in the middle of the day!

6 thoughts on “What makes someone a great boss? Stories from ExchangeMyPhone

  1. These are specific examples engendered by a string of not great bosses I’ve had.
    – Able to delegate: Offer employee interesting projects rather than controlling all aspects of business.
    – Ability to temper ones mood: The boss sets the bar for office behavior.
    (I know you and Jeremy are infinitely cheery!)
    – Sees employee’s potential and nurtures that.

    I may or may not be venting: ) You and Jeremy rock. Cannot wait to see you when you return **1984**

  2. Sarah – those are brilliant! I couldn’t agree more and love those ideas. They are up on our white board. 1984 has never looked as good as it will in 2012.

  3. Fair! I’ve had my fair share of unfair bosses!
    Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!
    Also, I’ve spotted a little typo… I think you meant to write employers not employees in the 3rd paragraph? :) x

  4. Fair – good one! Unfair bosses are rubbish. Thanks for the typo spotting…all changed. Can’t wait to see you very soon.

  5. I like “empowering” – the best manager I ever had empowered those who worked with her to do their job, and more. If you hire someone to do a job, let them do – let them make decisions and innovate.
    I have always tried to be like that – when I was managing people 5+ years ago, I wanted people to be comfortable enough to make decisions. Not always easy.
    Now I find myself in a manager’s position again – with 16 full and part time staff. I find myself strongly encouraging the staff to more forward, make decisions, trust their guts. It’s hard – because many of them are USED TO being micro-managed. I think that’s the best way to work with people – give them the power to do their job and know that assistance and support is always available when they need it.

  6. Pam – I love the idea of giving people support and direction but empowering them to make the job their own. Good luck managing 16 people!

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