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I have been an utterly useless blogger recently. I don’t expect that it worried too many of you but I feel bad about being so rubbish. Suffice to say that by the end of January I will be much better (the manuscript will be in the hands of my editor and out of my late night fevers) and until then I will stick to my new years resolution to write on here at least once a week.

In the spirit of welcoming in the new year (and saying goodbye to the past year) I thought I would let you know some of my favourites pieces of December by creating a list of highlights (I’d love to hear your December high points so post away in the comments section to your hearts content!):

Sending my parents here for a January get away.

Eating far too much of this butter.

Treating ourselves to this restaurant for my mum’s birthday.

Being involved in this charity bash.

The effortless indulgence of this butterscotch sauce.

Popping down to my local for the odd post-shopping cocktail.

Reading her raw, poetic books (inspirational reading for every memoirist).

Seeing this guy in his last concert.

Indulging in over-priced pints here and feeling like I was back in a country pub.

Watching this film with 3D glasses on and not feeling at all embarrassed.

Feeling the rib-sticking goodness of this restaurant’s cavatelli.

Surviving a frigid bike ride to end up at this spot for unbeatable pancakes.

Embracing the joy of an utterly cheesy spa day here.

Speaking to a room full of shockingly engaged adolescents here.

Cheers to 2011 and I hope you all have a fabulous time ringing in 2012 around the world. What’s on your list?

4 thoughts on “Best of December List

  1. I LOVE this list: ) So many New Yorkers get trapped going to the same restaurants and getting trapped inside when it’s cold. You are living it up! I want to be your accomplice on some of these adventures! ps – LOVE butter. Am making the herb butter.

  2. Oh you’ve done it now! What have you started? That butterscotch sauce called to me siren-like from the middle of your post — I had an awful day at work, came home a wreck and knew I had to try it. Had all the ingredients on hand. But casting around the house – what to pour it over? Didn’t feel like going out to buy ice-cream.
    Aha! A moment of inspiration… a handy box of Trader Joe’s Gingerbread mix — some cut-up plump dates mixed-in before baking, to approximate the base sponge of ‘sticky toffee pudding’ — served hot straight out of the oven, home-made butterscotch sauce on top, and unsweetened freshly-whipped cream a contrasting cloud-mound to finish. Just divine! This earned the highest accolade from family tasters – if they served this at a restaurant, would you be impressed? Yes, we’d be back like a SHOT! And if it’s possible, leftovers tasted even better the next day.
    Note to self: buy LOTS of TJ’s gingerbread mix NOW, while it’s in season! Note to Katherine: thanks for passing on the tip and delicious recipe!!!!

  3. Alison – that sounds heavenly! What a fantastic use of the sauce. Hope you have a fantastic new years celebration this evening.

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