Perfectly imperfect together.

Out With It is just the beginning of the conversation. Tell your stories of vulnerability, difference, stuttering and identity, for you or your family. Share your journeys, your hopes and your frustrations.

Tell Your Story

An Introduction

Mary McLoughlin

The thing I hate about my name is the fear attached to it. It’s not a hate or a dislike but a consuming terror. Terror, because my name trails behind me like a parasite. Like a leech it clings to … Continue reading

My College Essay

Raven Williams

“Are you choking?” asked my history teacher. It felt like three years passed before I could answer. In fact, I might as well have been choking because that was exactly what it felt like. I physically could not speak; it … Continue reading

Eye contact

Karl Pegg

I am writing this because I have just read Katherine’s book and although what I am about to describe is not to do with my speech, it is still to do with communication and the massive disability that it can … Continue reading

Finding pieces of me after making peace with myself


(A disclaimer and an apology: I’ve spent years looking for empathy when all I wanted, as it turns out, is understanding. I just wanted someone to relate to all the things I didn’t know I was feeling and say all … Continue reading

The journey isn’t over


Me and my stutter have come a long way over the past three years. I don’t think we’re archenemies any longer; maybe, we’ve became amicable bed-fellows but I know we could be so much more. I’ve had my stutter for … Continue reading

A Turning Point


Having a basic idea of what I wanted to say, but still not knowing exactly what to say, and with tears starting to stream down my cheeks, I started to speak: “I went to college for a long time, a … Continue reading

Letting Go

Amanda Hogan

It has taken me a long time to get to this point, to tell my story. I have stuttered since I could talk. One of my very first memories of stuttering is when I had to stand up and give … Continue reading

What Health Coaching Has Taught Me About Stuttering


When I meet with clients for the first time, I ask them what it will feel like to finally accomplish their goals. I ask them if they are scared of anything, and what they have experienced in the past that’s … Continue reading

Coming to Terms


It started when I was in third grade, or at least that is where I think it began. I had gotten some math quizzes back that were sub par. I had this idea in my head that I had to … Continue reading

Me and Mr. Jones


“You Girl!” The sonic boom of his voice streaks high and fast across the room and collides violently with the top of my head. The impact leaves no external trace but beneath the surface it fractures. I feign ignorance but … Continue reading